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He has been described as "one of the most colorful characters in the annals of rock & roll," as well as "a shadowy cult figure well outside the margins of the mainstream." [2]

In 1957, he was hospitalized with polio and, on his release, became manager and publicist for a local band the Sleepwalkers that included Johnston, drummer Sandy Nelson and, occasionally, Phil Spector . [4] [5] He spent some time in the armed forces and, by his own account, worked in the sex industry in Los Angeles in the late 1950s. [6] In 1959 he began working in the music industry in various capacities for both Alan Freed and Berry Gordy . His first record as producer was "Charge" by the Renegades, a group comprising Johnston, Nelson, Nik Venet and Richard Podolor . [4] He promoted records for the duo Skip & Flip ( Skip Battin and Gary S. Paxton ) including the #11 hit " Cherry Pie ". [7]

Tall and slender with bright blue eyes and brown hair down to her shoulders, Jackie could have passed for Mary Tyler Moore’s daughter. The surfer dudes called her “Malibu Barbie.” One editor of a surfing magazine struck up a correspondence and sent her letters addressed to “Maliboobie.” “You had better get hot and send some good photos,” he wrote to her in black marker. “Your competition in photos is getting tough! You should see what some girls are sending in!” She could never tell how seriously to take the attention. In a letter to the editor published in June 1974, Jackie admonished one magazine for its skin-deep coverage of female surfers: “If they’re so hot, why don’t you show them surfing? Some of us chicks have more than just hot bods! Awoo!”

Kim Fowley* Kim Fowley Jr. - Son Of FrankensteinKim Fowley* Kim Fowley Jr. - Son Of FrankensteinKim Fowley* Kim Fowley Jr. - Son Of FrankensteinKim Fowley* Kim Fowley Jr. - Son Of Frankenstein