Charlie parker quintet, the - si si - The Complete Benedetti Recordings of Charlie Parker ( 129)

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Although chronologically the last to be issued, this collection includes some of the best performances from the tapes which would produce the albums Cookin' , Relaxin' , Workin' , and ultimately, Steamin' . A primary consideration of these fruitful sessions is the caliber of musicians -- Miles Davis (trumpet), Red Garland (piano), John Coltrane (tenor sax), and Philly Joe Jones (drums) -- who were basically doing their stage act in the studio. As actively performing musicians, the material they are most intimate with would be their live repertoire. Likewise, what more obvious place than a studio is there to capture every inescapable audible nuance of the combo's musical group mind. The end results are consistently astonishing. At the center of Steamin' , as with most outings by this band, are the group improvisations which consist of solo upon solo of arguably the sweetest and otherwise most swinging interactions known to have existed between musicians. "Surrey With the Fringe on Top" is passed between the mates like an old joke. Garland compliments threads started by Davis and Coltrane as their seamless interaction yields a stream of strikingly lyrical passages. There are two well-placed nods to fellow bop pioneers Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie on a revision of their "Salt Peanuts." Philly Joe Jones ' mimicking cymbal speak -- which replicates Gillespie 's original vocals -- is nothing short of genius. This rendition is definitely as crazy and unpredictable here as the original. Thelonious Monk also gets kudos on "Well, You Needn't." This quintet makes short work of the intricacies of the arrangement, adding the double horn lead on the choruses and ultimately redefining this jazz standard. Although there is no original material on Steamin' , it may best represent the ability of the Miles Davis quintet to take standards and rebuild them to suit their qualifications.


Critics Richard Cook and Brian Morton awarded the album 4 out of 5 stars in Penguin Guide to Jazz . Scott Yanow from Allmusic only gave the album 3 out of 5 stars, and stated it was "one of the most obscure of [Davis'] Prestige recordings", but its quality is still "fairly high". He named "Dr. Jackle" and "Minor March" as his highlights. [6]

★ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee (1989) ★ Modern Drummer Hall of Fame Inductee (2006) ★Ranked as one of the Top Ten World's Best Drummers , per Rolling Stone magazine readers' poll , February 2010 ★Released nine jazz albums with the Charlie Watts Orchestra, Charlie Watts Quintet, Charlie Watts / Jim Keltner Project, Charlie Watts and The Tentet, and The A,B,C&D Of Boogie Woogie ★Contributed to music on albums by Jack Bruce, . King, Alexis Korner, Leon Russell, Pete Townshend/Ronnie Lane, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Eric Clapton, Chico Hamilton, Marianne Faithfull, AC/DC, Ben Sidran and many more ★Drummer in Rocket 88 , with Jack Bruce (upright bass), Ian Stewart (piano) and Alexis Korner (guitar) Over the past two decades, Charlie has been able to pursue his passion for jazz, playing in a variety of settings whenever he wasn't otherwise engaged with the "World's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band”. In 1985, Charlie formed a big band, the Charlie Watts Orchestra , and toured the ., ultimately releasing Live at Fulham Town Hall . In 1991, he formed a small group, called The Charlie Watts Quintet , to pay homage to the music that first grabbed him while growing up in London. In a span of five years they released a series of stellar recordings: From One Charlie, Tribute To Charlie Parker, Warm And Tender and Long Ago And Far Away . Next came Charlie's heartfelt collaboration with Jim Keltner, The Charlie Watts / Jim Keltner Project , in tribute to their favorite drummers, with each track titled after a different hero. Charlie's latest project The A,B,C&D of Boogie Woogie takes its name from the first initials of the four members of the band: Axel Zwingenberger, Ben Waters, Charlie Watts & Dave Green . The band formed in 2009 and they quickly established a reputation for themselves at the forefront of boogie woogie music. In July 2012, the band released a live CD, Live In Paris , which was recorded over several nights in September 2010 at the Duc Des Lombards jazz club in Paris and includes a mix of originals, improvisations and blues and boogie woogie standards.

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 Thelonious Monk Trio   Label: Barclay 84058   10" LP 1954   Photo: Herman Leonard

Charlie Parker Quintet, The - Si SiCharlie Parker Quintet, The - Si SiCharlie Parker Quintet, The - Si SiCharlie Parker Quintet, The - Si Si