Frankie bones* frankie "bones"·presents bonesbreaks - volume 5 - the original raw & raunchy beats for - Frankie Bones Restaurant & Lounge - Hilton Head Island.

Chalk another one up to our friends up North for bringing us such a talented actress.   Taylor was born in Toronto.  Her mother is Scottish Canadian, and her father is African Canadian.  She dropped out of high school to try modeling and see the world, with her mother supportive of her decision: “School will always be there, she told me.”

Anything that a spouse buys from a joint bank account during marriage, apart from small personal gifts like clothing or jewelry, becomes community property unless that spouse expressly agrees in writing to give up his or her 50 percent share, the court said. The ruling overturned lower-court decisions that have allowed a divorcing spouse to claim ownership of property acquired in that spouse's name, without any written relinquishment by the other spouse.

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